Tools & services

Tools & services

Through projects and recurring requests, I took ideas or part of a customer project and transform them as online services.

If you are interested in any of these services, please contact me.

Remote monitoring

Rather than setting up a war machine like Prometheus or Nagios to monitor a few to few dozen devices, I ended up developing my own remote monitoring tool.

Totally free of any third-party, this sensor monitors the device vital organs: temperature and charge of the CPU, memory usage, space space on the hard drive, last restart date.

This allows me to monitor and set alerts on the state of a touchscreen kiosk, a digital signage player or a web server.

A client is available for Windows, Linux and macOS and the solution can be deployed on your own inernal server.

Geocoding of France & Belgium

Geocoding tools such as the Google Maps API or its opensource equivalent Nominatim in OpenStreetMap allow you to find a city by its name or GPS coordinates. And it works great... when you have an internet connection.

This is not always the case on a touchscreen terminal in public area, museums or stores, where the internet connection are often slow or unstable, momentarily cut or totally blocked.

I developed my own geocoding API based on the free data provided by public services. This allows an app to search from the local network or locally from the terminal, without any internet access, and therefore in milliseconds.

Used in 100km

Server-side device detection

Like WURFL or DeviceAtlas services, this server-side API analyzes and detects informations about the device used by a visitor (type, platform, operating system, browser, ...).

This information allows you to adapt elements, navigation, texts or visuals of your site, without having to redirect to another URL.

It also recognizes more than 2,200 smartphones or tablets from more than 160 manufacturers worldwide, providing its manufacturer, model name, the operating system, its screen size & resolution.

It also recognizes the email client that opens an email, so you can generate a different visual for the same image URL.

As for metrics or content adaptation, it's a valuable tool for those who want to do very fine targeting or innovative things.

Demo API

Adaptive link redirect

Heavily based on my server-side device detection tool, this adaptive redirection service redirected a visitor following defined conditions.

A simple condition example is the operating system, redirecting a visitor using iOS to the AppStore page, an Android visitor to the PlayStore page, and otherwise to a web page.

Other conditions may be the language, device type (smartphone, tablet, computer, ...), the manufacturer (Orange, Samsung, Huawei, Apple, ...), the day, hour or even a request to a custom service (instant win, weather, ...).

Customers & partners

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