VW truck transformed as a connected Photobooth

VW truck transformed as a connected Photobooth

Project history

Aurelie, a pro wedding photographer and former collegue, needed help to create her new business : a connected photobooth in a VW truck.

What i've done

Technical conception, graphic design, photobooth software development and online photo gallery. Customizable by event, the application allows owner to choose a basic visual in which 2 or 4 photos are integrated on-the-fly each time. The assembly of the photos and the logo of the event is automatically printed on a 10x15 high photograph quality.

The visitor can also leave an email address to receive the photo and access the others of the event.

If no connectivity is available, email addresses are saved, and photos will be published and sent later.

Photos credit : Aurélie Evrard

Tools used

PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Photoshop

Customers & partners

Nausicaa - Centre national de la merDecathlonEntreprendre Ensemble DunkerqueNORCAPIMTD - Institut des mobilités et des transports durablesLes Rencontres Audiovisuelles de Lille - Video MappingCommunauté Urbaine de DunkerqueLa Redoute InterieursStudio SquareGardenAgence Publicis Activ