Touchscreen applications for  - a corporate event at L’Oréal

Touchscreen applications for
a corporate event at L’Oréal

Project history

As part of an event at the L’Oréal headquarters in Paris carried out by the agency and its partners, I was entrusted with the software creation of two applications to promote the stories and commitments that the national entities of the L’Oréal group have chosen to defend.

Starting from the website created by the agency, I carried out the integration, development and animation of the different application screens to adapt them to the formats of the terminals and screens on display.

To facilitate installation and ensure autonomous and stable operation, I prepared a mini PC as well as a pre-configured wifi router so that tablet PC and screens connect together on their own network. For the designer, all that was left to do was connect! Screens like tablet are also configured to start full screen in the morning and turn off in the evening, the tablet blocked full screen by an advanced and monitored kiosk mode.

What i've done

Design and development of applications based on the Webflow site. Hardware and system configuration of screens and tablet for autonomous use.

Tools used

PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Customers & partners

Nausicaa - Centre national de la merDecathlonEntreprendre Ensemble DunkerqueNORCAPIMTD - Institut des mobilités et des transports durablesLes Rencontres Audiovisuelles de Lille - Video MappingCommunauté Urbaine de DunkerqueLa Redoute InterieursStudio SquareGardenAgence Publicis Activ