Interactive dynamic display

Interactive dynamic display

Project history

As part of the opening of the Grand Nausicaá, the Education department wanted to launch animations on the 8 screens of the High Seas forum, controlling them from their iPad.

What i've done

In collaboration with IT and education departments, we co-defined their needs while taking in account the existing hardware. Once the application developed, I had to work with the existing application developer to add the switch from the standalone application to this interactive display.

On a regular basic, the Education service creates its lessons upstream in a dedicated CMS as series of image or video slides. Onsite, the educator selects an animation from an iPad, which activates the interactive mode on the 8 screens.

Transition from slides to slides is done from the iPad by the educator, the 8 screens are all synchronized on the same slide number, but can have a different medium per screen.

A unique educational tool that makes its wow effect every time!

Tools used

HTML5, CSS, Javascript, NodeJS, Websocket, FFmpeg, Photoshop

Customers & partners

Nausicaa - Centre national de la merDecathlonEntreprendre Ensemble DunkerqueNORCAPIMTD - Institut des mobilités et des transports durablesLes Rencontres Audiovisuelles de Lille - Video MappingCommunauté Urbaine de DunkerqueLa Redoute InterieursStudio SquareGardenAgence Publicis Activ