Access control boxes to machinery tools

Access control boxes to machinery tools

Project history

In order to secure the access of thousands of employees to the use of its machine tools, Decathlon entrusted me with the design, edition and production of secure access boxes to the Booster Innovation.

Triple objective:
- prevent access from employees who haven’t been trained to use a proper machine to avoid breakage and injury,
- to have detailled usage statistics of each machine to better plan maintenance,
- use existing collaborators access badge

Last but not least: the box is developed in 230V single-phase and 380V three-phases to adapt to all their industrial machines, with or without distant access badge support.

What i've done

Electrical design of 230V and 380V three-phased access control boxes, edition of a specific electronic card and installation / wiring on each industrial unit, installation of a dedicated wifi network and development of a specific CMS for the management of employee access.

Tools used

PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, C++, EDA, Over-The-Air firmware updates

Customers & partners

Nausicaa - Centre national de la merDecathlonEntreprendre Ensemble DunkerqueNORCAPIMTD - Institut des mobilités et des transports durablesLes Rencontres Audiovisuelles de Lille - Video MappingCommunauté Urbaine de DunkerqueLa Redoute InterieursStudio SquareGardenAgence Publicis Activ